We offer therapeutic exercise solutions to keep you moving forward.

  BET PhysioPilates
Your first appointment with the Physiotherapist will be for the purpose of an initial assessment. Expect this appointment to last about 60-75 minutes.

  You will be asked
questions about your pain, the history behind your condition and your goals or objectives for treatment.

  What is it that you want to do that your pain or
problem is stopping you from doing?

  How can we help improve your quality of life?

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As a Certified BET PhysioPilates facility we are committed to quality control and to evidence based practice.  We collect objective data on assessment and discharge that assists us in measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of our treatment.  This data is collated and analysed statistically with the data from other certified facilities so that we can continuously improve on the BET PhysioPilates system.

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  You will be asked by the
physiotherapist to perform simple movements, the purpose of which is to look for imbalances in posture, muscle and movement patterns.
  These tests will give clues that may suggest mechanical contributors underlying your condition.

  A ‘posture’ photograph and / or ‘movement’ video clip may be requested by the physiotherapist and taken (with your consent) for the purpose of further analysis.    
  From the assessment, the physiotherapist is able to determine if biomechanical factors or problems with muscle balance are contributing to your pain or other symptoms.

  The physiotherapist will explain in detail the
findings and the diagnosis from which the treatment process will be based.

  You will both discuss together if this treatment approach is appropriate for your condition.

  If collaboration with other health providers is deemed helpful, this will also be discussed.


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Our services are private billing and are not covered by OHIP / WSIB.
If you have an Extended Health Care (EHC) benefits plan it will assist you with payment for physiotherapy services.

You will receive a receipt on payment that contains the necessary information when submitting with your annual tax return or when claiming from your EHC.

  Note: there are no taxes charged for Physiotherapy services.
We do not charge for writing reports to doctors or other health professionals